Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 Liter Bottle


The 2019 vintage is an expression of the Caymus style and a winery favorite. From the outset, the nose of this wine suggests a ripe year – which it was. On the positive, it was a summer without the high temperature “spikes” that are typical of Napa. Yet a couple inches of rain in May was the unwelcome surprise that provided a unique vintage, as the vines began the growing season in saturated, if not boggy, soils.
By June, the stubborn winter stepped aside and a short dry spring prevailed. Summer arrived, and Napa’s typical warm days and cool nights were set in place. With daily highs near 90°F and nights of S0°F – 60°F, both people and Cabernet happily thrive in the Napa Valley. Powerful and tannic mornings are followed by soft ripe afternoons. Shedding a light jacket by mid-morning – this is where Cabernet thrives and what people enjoy.
Back to the vintage – the sun finally took hold in June and defended the crop from the scourge of rain throughout the growing season. From that point on, Napa’s typical rainless summer climate prevailed, as Cabernet ripened long into October. In the end, one could describe the 2019 as a cover-story vintage where gorgeous clusters could do no wrong. To the passerby, 2019 Cabernet berries could be mistaken as perfect blueberries. The wine: Deep garnet color, red-tawny edge.
Characteristically and aromatically flamboyant Caymus style – nose of French oak barrel and cassis-like tones of ripeness, saddle leather and espresso. This wine’s palate is full, rich with abundant soft tannins and a hint of rustic grittiness.
Youthful energy and eminently enjoyable for current drinking, yet ageworthy to gain additional complexity over next half-decade.

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2019

Appellation: Napa Valley, California

Bottle Volume: 1000ml

Awards: 93 Points - Wilfred Wong, 92 Points - Wine Spectator


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