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The name Martin Ray resonates deeply in the history of California Winemaking. Martin Ray was a pioneer, dedicated to crafting single varietal, region specific wine from 1943 through 1972 in Saratoga, in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mentored by Paul Masson, he took a burgundian approach to his winemaking, and developed what is now one of the most historical properties in California, known as Mount Eden.

Nearly twenty years later, Courtney Benham stumbled upon 1500 cases of Martin Ray wine in a San Jose warehouse. Recognizing his good fortune, and his intent and drive to produce terroir driven wines, Ray’s historical significance and philosophy resonated with him. Courtney purchased the brand, and since 1990 has been committed to the production of artisanal wines worthy of the Martin Ray name.

Courtney Benham | The Wine Club Philippines

Falling in love with wine, meant falling in love with Napa for Courtney Benham. Inspired by his farmland upbringing, Courtney found himself entrenched in the wine industry early in his life. 30 years later, as dedicated to his craft now as he was from day one, he brings you distinctive wines from Napa Valley.

A perfect convergence of soil and climate, Napa offers diversity unlike any other wine region in the world. It is distinctive, it is dramatic, its enviable terroir results in wines of complexity, breadth, and beauty. Rooted in the philosophy that great wine cannot exist without ideal growing, Courtney Benham wines are a tribute to his love of terroir, and the heightened sense of clarity when two elements merge.

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