There are no compromises when it comes to consistency and quality. From excellent vineyards, to skilled teams working at the winery, to updated systems—we do it all. The result is an expansive, award-winning portfolio of wines with a range of styles and offerings to appeal to the novice and the enthusiast.

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Cline, a name that resonates with the authenticity and the pioneering spirit of California’s wine culture, has crafted a portfolio that captures the essence of Sonoma County. Known for their Zinfandel, Syrah, Viognier, and other Rhône varietals, Cline offers an exciting journey through the vibrant and diverse landscape of New World wines. Now, in the Philippines, it’s a chance to experience the sun-kissed flavors and passionate craftsmanship that defines Cline.

Founded by Fred Cline, the winery combines traditional winemaking techniques with innovative practices, reflecting a respect for the land and a dedication to sustainable farming. Each bottle encapsulates a family legacy that values quality, heritage, and the expressive potential of Californian terroir.

At The Wine Club, we’re thrilled to bring the distinctive character of Cline wines to the Philippines. Our curated selection includes both classic favorites and hidden gems, showcasing the Cline family’s commitment to crafting wines that surprise and inspire.

Looking for a wine that complements a hearty meal or elevates a casual gathering? Cline’s diverse portfolio offers an array of choices that charm the palate with their fruit-forward profiles and nuanced complexity. From the lively whites to the bold and flavorful reds, there’s a Cline wine to suit every occasion.

Dive into the world of Cline wines with The Wine Club Philippines and discover a tradition that melds innovation with reverence for the past. Taste the California sunshine, feel the warmth of family-owned winemaking, and let Cline’s exceptional wines transport you to a world of flavor and finesse.

Join the Cline experience and relish a winemaking philosophy that’s rooted in respect for the Earth, passion for quality, and a love for the art of vinification. Your Cline adventure begins here – explore, savor, and celebrate the magic of Cline wines, exclusively available to you in the Philippines.

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