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Just over a century ago, a unique grape variety known as Durif made its debut, catching the attention of wine connoisseurs worldwide. Hailing from France, Durif has since found a new home in regions around the globe, including the sun-drenched valleys of California where it’s often known as Petite Sirah. Now, it’s time for this distinctive varietal to charm the Philippines under the label of Grand Durif.

The seductive depth of Grand Durif’s color comes from an intimate vinification process where the grape’s vibrant skins seep into the fermenting juice, infusing it with intense color, flavor, and tannins. The degree of these attributes is a careful decision made by the winemaker, dependent on the desired profile of the wine. Grand Durif boasts a full-bodied structure, dark fruit flavors, and often a signature hint of spiciness, making it a truly enchanting wine experience.

Here at The Wine Club, we’re proud to bring the best representation of Grand Durif to the Philippines. We have sought out top-tier Grand Durif wines that showcase the varietal’s unique character. Leveraging years of strong relationships with esteemed wine producers, we’ve managed to curate a collection that embodies the best quality and value of this exciting varietal.

Whether you’re exploring the luxury end of Grand Durif from prestigious labels or seeking excellent value options for casual drinking, we’ve got it all. Grand Durif’s bold, robust flavor profile makes it a perfect companion for a variety of foods, from hearty meat dishes and spicy cuisines to savory, cheese-based meals. Hosting a barbecue party? Grand Durif’s bold character matches brilliantly with grilled meats. Looking for a dinner wine to impress your guests? The sophisticated flavors of a high-end Grand Durif will make a memorable impact.

The intriguing and elegant world of Grand Durif awaits you at The Wine Club Philippines. Don’t miss out on the chance to delight in this extraordinary wine. Start your Grand Durif journey today and experience the finest wines available in the Philippines!

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