More than 25 years ago, Conundrum was a bold experiment – today it’s still about doing things your own way and daring to explore.

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Conundrum, a name that inspires curiosity and intrigue, invites you to discover a wine experience unlike any other. Known for its unique blends and distinctive flavors, Conundrum wines are crafted to challenge conventional wine-making wisdom and provide a delightful enigma for the palate. Now, wine enthusiasts in the Philippines have the opportunity to unravel this mysterious and captivating world of flavors.

Begun by the Wagner family, the minds behind the iconic Caymus Vineyards, Conundrum has always been a wine that defies easy categorization. Is it red or white? Bold or delicate? The truth is, it’s all of these things and more, providing an adventurous and unexpected wine experience that is sure to delight.

At The Wine Club, we’ve carefully selected the Conundrum wines that best represent this innovative and unconventional approach to winemaking. From their flagship white blend that first made waves in the wine world to their robust and expressive reds, we invite you to discover the complexity and allure that sets Conundrum apart.

Are you in the mood for a wine that pairs effortlessly with a diverse array of cuisines, from Asian delicacies to classic European dishes? The multifaceted nature of Conundrum wines makes them an ideal companion for a culinary adventure, enhancing each bite with their nuanced and harmonious flavors.

Join us at The Wine Club Philippines and delve into the enigmatic world of Conundrum wines. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey through the senses, where preconceived notions are challenged, and expectations are surpassed.

Embark on your exploration of Conundrum today, and indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that make these wines a true puzzle for the palate. Your adventure into the unknown awaits, here in the Philippines, through the intriguing and ever-surprising Conundrum wines.

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