At Girard, we are passionate about wine. We are dedicated to the land. And we are proud to call Napa Valley our home.
Girard Winery began in 1975 as a dream of a father-son duo nestled at the top of Pritchard Hill with panoramic views of Napa Valley. The two shared a passion for high quality wines, a respect for the Valley’s rich history and a pioneering spirit. 25 years later, another vintner with the same passion for winemaking and roots deep in the Napa Valley is continuing the Girard legacy.

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Girard Winery, a name synonymous with the exquisite terroir of Napa Valley, invites you to explore a world where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story. With a commitment to producing wines that reflect the unique personality of their vineyards, Girard wines are a testament to quality, complexity, and passion. Now in the Philippines, the rich legacy of Girard awaits your discovery.

Nestled in the diverse vineyard landscapes of Napa Valley, Girard’s pursuit of excellence manifests in their unswerving dedication to crafting wines that are a pure expression of the land. Whether it’s the elegance of their Chardonnays or the bold complexity of their Cabernet Sauvignons, Girard wines bear the soul of California’s famed wine region.

At The Wine Club, we have curated a selection of Girard wines that showcase the extraordinary range and depth that have earned them an esteemed reputation among wine connoisseurs. Through meticulous attention to detail, Girard crafts each bottle as an ode to Napa Valley’s richness, with flavor profiles that dance across the palate.

Are you in search of wines that elevate your culinary encounters or wines that add flair to any occasion? The diverse and vibrant portfolio of Girard wines offers versatility and sophistication, promising a delightful experience for every wine lover.

Explore the world of Girard wines with The Wine Club Philippines. Immerse yourself in the full-bodied flavors, the intricate layers, and the vibrant aromas that make Girard an unforgettable wine adventure. Whether paired with a sumptuous feast or enjoyed in blissful solitude, Girard’s wines embody the art of enjoyment.

Embark on a sensory journey with Girard, and let the distinctive character and passion of these Napa Valley marvels capture your imagination. With every pour, Girard wines unfold a tapestry of flavors, encapsulating the essence of a region celebrated for its winemaking prowess.

Girard is not merely a brand; it’s an invitation to indulge in the pleasures of extraordinary winemaking. Explore our collection of Girard wines here in the Philippines, and allow the elegance, intensity, and authenticity of this Napa Valley icon to grace your glass.

Raise a toast to Girard, where the love for the vine unites with the art of winemaking to create a wine experience like no other. Here in the Philippines, the story of Girard continues to be written, one exceptional bottle at a time.

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