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Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, Sparkling wines are the BEST way to celebrate any occasion. Many think that all sparkling wine is called Champagne, this is not true. Only sparkling wines produced in the French Region of Champagne can claim that title. But do not worry, there are wine producers all around the world that produce world class sparkling wine whether it is the Prosecco from Italy, the Sekt from Germany/Austria, or the simply named, Sparkling wine from the United States.

Sparkling wine get’s its ‘sparkle’ from dissolved carbon dioxide, a by product from a second fermentation of the wine. This process can either take place in the bottle or in the tank. Alternatively, some producers simply add carbon dioxide, which is more common among mass produced sparkling wines. The Wine Club Team searches all throughout the United States for the best valued sparkling wines. Founder and lead procurement director, Michael V. Reyes Sr. has built decades long relationships with producers all throughout the country to find the best tasting sparkling wine for the Philippines market. So what are you waiting for? Shop now for the best sparkling wine in the Philippines!

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