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Looking for that perfect after dinner digestif or would just prefer a liquid dessert? Give a sweet or fortified wine a try! There are many different types of sweet and fortified wines ranging from the French Sauterne, Hungarian Tokaji, Portuguese Port, or Icewine, popular in North America and Germany.

For almost all wines, red or white, the fermentation process continues until the yeast has converted all the sugar into alcohol and no detectable sugar remains. The resulting wines are dry. In order to make a sweet wine, three different methods can be used: the fermentation can be interrupted, a sweet component can be added to sweeten the wine, or, for some exceptional wines, the sugar levels in the grape juice are so high that sugar remains in the wine even after the yeasts are killed by the alcohol. Fortified wines, like Port, is when additional alcohol is added to the wine after the fermentation has been halted, resulting in sweet and high-alcohol juice. The Wine Club Team searches all throughout the United States for the best valued sweet and fortified wines. Founder and lead procurement director, Michael V. Reyes Sr. has built decades long relationships with producers all throughout the country to find the best tasting sweet wine for the Philippines market. So what are you waiting for? Shop now for the best sweet wine in the Philippines!

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