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Mourvèdre, a sun-loving and late-ripening grape, originated in Spain before finding its true home in the sunny vineyards of the French region of Bandol. Known for producing wines that are deeply colored and profoundly flavored, Mourvèdre has gradually earned recognition among the most discerning of wine connoisseurs. Today, the Philippines is set to explore the deep, rustic, and characterful expression of this intriguing grape.

Mourvèdre wines gain their distinctive dark color and potent flavor profile from a process similar to Malbec. During fermentation, the grape skins, rich in color and tannins, are in contact with the juice. This maceration imbues the resulting wine with a robust structure, a dark, alluring color, and a complexity of flavors. Mourvèdre is known for its notes of dark fruit, earth, game, and a characteristic hint of black pepper.

Here at The Wine Club, we’re excited to present the finest selection of Mourvèdre wines in the Philippines. We have nurtured relationships with esteemed producers in the New World to ensure we offer top-quality Mourvèdre wines suitable for all tastes and budgets.

If you’re looking for a plush and fruit-forward Mourvèdre from California, we have it for you. Mourvèdre, with its savory notes and ample tannins, pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, particularly those that feature game, roasted meats, and hearty stews.

We, at The Wine Club Philippines, are ready to take you on a journey of discovery into the enticing world of Mourvèdre. Don’t wait any longer, explore the depth and complexity of Mourvèdre wines today, and bring a touch of sun-drenched vineyards into your home. Unveil the mysteries of Mourvèdre wines right here in the Philippines!

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