The wines of Banfi are born of a passion and love for unique terroirs, from continuous research, and from the intimate knowledge of different territories and the ability to marry time tested and respected techniques with innovative solutions in both the vineyard and the winery. The splendid vineyards of Montalcino and Chianti, of Piedmont and the Tuscan coast, are the ideal cradle for wines of great character and outstanding quality.


Banfi, a name synonymous with a proud heritage and a tradition of excellence in winemaking, has cultivated an extraordinary reputation among wine lovers in the Philippines and around the globe. It’s a label that embodies the richness of Italian wine culture, melding time-honored techniques with innovative spirit. From the lush vineyards of Tuscany, Banfi wines radiate aromas of ripe berries, earthy minerals, and aromatic herbs, weaving a tale of flavor that lingers in the soul.

Established in the heart of Italy’s most famous wine region, Banfi is not merely a producer of wine, but a guardian of terroir and tradition. The estate’s commitment to quality and sustainability resonates across continents, captivating those who seek authenticity and elegance in every sip.

At The Wine Club, we are honored to present the esteemed collection of Banfi wines to our discerning clientele in the Philippines. Our selection pays homage to Banfi’s passion for the land and love for the grape, offering a taste of Italy’s rich wine legacy.

Whether you crave the velvety embrace of a classic red or the crisp refreshment of a sophisticated white, Banfi wines promise a journey of sensory delight. Explore our handpicked array of Banfi creations, each one a celebration of the mastery and artistry that have earned Banfi its revered place in the world of wine.

Dive into the enchanting realm of Banfi wines with The Wine Club Philippines. Discover the depth, diversity, and dedication that have shaped this iconic label. Allow Banfi’s exquisite offerings to transport you to the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, where every bottle is a testament to heritage and harmony, and indulge in a wine experience that transcends borders, here in the Philippines.

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