Long Barn

A historic drive down the California countryside brings you to our birthplace, and we celebrate our humble beginnings in each bottle of wine. Like the old, long barn that gives our wine its name, we strive to preserve the regional character and agricultural charm of our winery and our land. Long Barn wines are made with all that we are – and reflect all that we’ve come from. Italian Stefano Migotto is a legacy winemaker, carrying knowledge of the trade passed down to him from multiple generations of vintners. Raised in northern Italy’s Abano Terme and educated at the University of Padova, Stefano mastered old-world winemaking techniques and traditions. Now residing in Napa, California, he serves as head
winemaker for Long Barn.

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Long Barn, a name synonymous with tradition, quality, and the timeless allure of winemaking, brings you a collection of wines that echo the very heart of where they were nurtured. With an emphasis on authenticity, integrity, and a connection to the land, Long Barn wines serve as a delectable window into the world of classic wine culture. Here in the Philippines, it’s time to embrace the elegant simplicity and robust flavors that make Long Barn wines a must-try for any wine connoisseur.

From the gentle slopes and rich soils of renowned wine regions, Long Barn captures the essence of what makes a wine truly memorable. The combination of modern techniques and respect for traditional methods results in wines that are expressive, balanced, and delightfully approachable.

At The Wine Club, we have embraced the beauty of Long Barn wines, carefully selecting the best of their offerings for our clients in the Philippines. Our catalog features an array of these refined wines, each one a testament to Long Barn’s commitment to excellence.

Are you seeking a wine that complements a hearty meal or serves as a soothing companion for a leisurely evening? The honest, down-to-earth character of Long Barn wines offers a comforting presence that’s both refreshing and invigorating. Explore our handpicked selection of Long Barn wines, and let their charm envelop you in a world of rustic elegance.

Delve into the inviting world of Long Barn wines with The Wine Club Philippines. Discover the grace, harmony, and genuine passion that each bottle brings to the table. Don’t let another moment pass by – experience Long Barn wines today and enrich your wine journey here in the Philippines.

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Long Barn, where each bottle reflects a love for the craft and an understanding of what makes a wine truly great. Let Long Barn wines transport you to a place of serenity, comfort, and genuine enjoyment.

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