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You can’t beat a nice glass of Chardonnay after a really long, hard day.” Suzanne Shaw

Chardonnay is often considered the queen of white wines, garnering the most name recognition from both wine drinkers and the general public. America produces some of the world’s best Chardonnay, proven back in 1976 during the ‘Judgement of Paris’ tastings which put Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay against rivals from Bordeaux and Burgundy. This event was was the turning point in American wine culture as the winners, much to the dismay of the French judges, where both from Napa Valley. With this acknowledgment from the wine community and the efforts of figures such as Robert Mondavi, California and American Chardonnay took the world by storm.

Chardonnay is a white grape variety that is unusual because it can make attractive wines in regions of varying climates, ranging from cool (Chablis & Oregon) to hot (parts of California). It’s style varies greatly depending on where it is grown. In cool regions, such as Oregon, it can offer green fruit (apple, pear) with citrus and occasionally vegetable notes (cucumber). In moderate regions, the wines may taste of white stone fruit (peach) with citrus notes and a hint of melons. Hot regions, such as parts of California, result in the expressions of more tropical fruit notes (peach, banana, pineapple).

The Wine Club Team searches all throughout the United States for the best valued Chardonnay. Our team has decade long relationships with some of the best producer in Napa Valley carrying cult favorites such as Grgich Hills and Shafer.  So what are you waiting for? Shop now for the best Chardonnay in the Philippines!

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