Belle Glos

Belle Glos showcases award winning Pinot Noirs from California’s most noteworthy coastal wine-growing regions, produced by fifth-generation winemaker Joseph Wagner.

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Belle Glos, a name echoing with distinction and grace, represents the epitome of Pinot Noir in the sun-kissed vineyards of California’s coastal wine regions. Characterized by their bold, yet balanced flavors, Belle Glos wines offer a kaleidoscope of taste sensations – luscious berries, velvety textures, and lingering finishes. In the Philippines, the artistry of Belle Glos has become a touchstone for those seeking an extraordinary wine experience.

Named after the family matriarch and viticulture pioneer, Belle Glos wines showcase the diverse terroirs of California’s renowned Pinot Noir regions. Each vineyard is treated as a separate and unique canvas, painted with the rich hues of handcrafted wine.

At The Wine Club, we are thrilled to share the allure of Belle Glos with our wine enthusiasts in the Philippines. Our selection of Belle Glos wines resonates with elegance and personality, embodying the mastery that elevates California’s Pinot Noir to global acclaim.

Searching for a red wine that melds the strength of character with a gentle touch? The expressive nature of Belle Glos Pinot Noir makes it a perfect partner for a wide array of culinary delights. Explore our curated collection of Belle Glos wines, each bottle an invitation to savor the passion and precision that define this remarkable brand.

Venture into the world of Belle Glos wines with The Wine Club Philippines. Embrace the flavors, fragrances, and finesse that characterize these superb creations. Let Belle Glos guide you on a wine adventure that marries tradition with innovation, and elevates your wine experience to new heights, here in the Philippines.

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