Long Barn Chardonnay 2021


A historic drive down the California countryside brings you to our birthplace, and we celebrate our humble beginnings in each bottle of wine. Like the old, long barn that gives our wine its name, we strive to preserve the regional character and agricultural charm of our winery and our land. Long Barn wines are made with all that we are – and reflect all that we’ve come from.


Varietal Chardonnay
Vintage 2021
Appellation California
Bottle Volume 750ml

Tasting Notes

Reminiscent of the California sunshine, our Chardonnay radiates bright citrus and tropical aromas that immediately leap from the glass. Light to medium-bodied, this is a well-balanced, refreshing wine with a creamy mouthfeel that is enlivened with flavors of green apple, sun-drenched orange blossoms, and toasted bread.

Food Pairing

An excellent accompaniment to vegetable skewers and roasted rosemary chicken.

Vegetable Skewer


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