Cline ‘Ancient Vines’ Mourvèdre 2017


Mourvèdre is a rare grape that was popular and well-planted back in the 1930s, then almost disappeared from America in the 1970s. It is now seeing a resurgence in popularity. We are lucky to have many of these treasured, old, original vines planted on their own European rootstock. This wine is a stunner, you should bring a bottle to your friend’s house.


Varietal Mourvèdre
Vintage 2017
Appellation California
Bottle Volume 750ml

Tasting Notes

The tannins are structured and balanced. The flavor is composed of plum, cherry, and chocolate with a nice, warm, lingering finish.

Food Pairing

The rustic nature of these wine lends to rich, hearty dishes, so the tannins can meld with the protein and do their thing.

Rabbit w/ wine and garlic sauce
Braised short ribs
Lentil Stew


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