Lange Twins ‘Jahant Woods 01 Vineyards’ Fume Blanc 2021


With nine months of sur lie aging in neutral oak, our 2021 vintage Fume Blanc has achieved a perfect harmony of crisp citrus, aromatic floral, and light oak characteristics. Aromas of iris, ripe melon, and coconut come through and meld together as the wine sits in the glass. Upon first sip, you are hit with a wave of fresh acidity that tastes and feels like lemon popping candy. This mouthfeel almost immediately softens as the lees influence morphs these flavors into a lemon buttercream essence, continuing through to leave a delicate, refreshing finish. 

Varietal: Fume Blanc

Vintage: 2021

Appellation: Jahant, CA

Bottle Volume: 750ml


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